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High Performance, Energy Efficient Custom Homes

High Performance Homes

Using proven building science technology and an approach known as systems engineering, all aspects of a house are viewed as a part of the whole, and not just an assemblage of parts.

In this manner, the performance characteristics of the walls and roof, the heating and air conditioning, the windows and doors, the insulation, and the finishes, can be optimized and balanced to create the best combination for strength, durability, energy efficiency and comfort.

High Performance Energy Efficient Low-E Windows

Low-E windows (low emissivity) work by reducing the solar heat gain in the house by blocking a portion of the sun's energy, while at the same time, letting the light in. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of energy required to keep the house cool, and saving the homeowner money on their electric bill. 


Optimized Spray Foam Insulation

By placing a continuous layer of high R-value foam insulation on the interior surface of 2 x 6 exterior walls, the optimum level of insulation is achieved while insuring there are no or gaps in the insulation layer. All wiring, electrical boxes, or plumbing that is allowed to penetrate the insulation surface are sealed insuring that the rated R-value of the insulation is achieved, and that the walls remain tight and free of unwanted air leaks

 spr_sm3.jpgCIMG1309.JPG     CIMG1291.JPG

Inside-the-Envelope Air Handler and Tight Ducts

Rather than place the heating and air conditioning in an area where it is subject to the heat and cold of the exterior (and the accompanying heat loss and gain), Norwich Homes High Performance Homes are built with the air-handler in the living space, ensuring maximum operating efficiency. The mastic-sealed tight duct installation further ensures that the cooled or heated air gets to the room it is intended, without wasteful air leaks.


Right Sized Heating and Air Conditioning

All air conditioning and heating systems must be sized so that they will keep a house comfortable under the hottest or coldest situations. This is known as the peak load. By following the four previous strategies outlined above, the Norwich Homes High Performance homes have a dramatically lower peak load, and therefore can use a smaller air conditioning and heating system to meet that peak load and stay comfortable. Not only does this contribute to the improved energy efficiency of the house, but because a right sized system is less over sized than a traditional system during non-peak heating and cooling seasons, it will provide an even higher level of comfort by being better able to dehumidify without over cooling.